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Tutor & Year Head Training

Class Tutor and Year Head Training – this half day seminar is the most requested. It has been constantly updated with many schools taking the programme up again to support in a concrete way its Tutor’s and Year Heads. The session covers:

Understanding the roles – specific issues for the school – effective ways to be Tutor and Year Head – ideas from other contexts that work – discipline issues – time concerns – building class/year spirit – motivation and academic role – award and recognition approaches – dealing with difficulties – effective planning…

Year Head Team – a two to three hour session working with this core group to review their work and how they work – to explore their realistic vision of what they want to achieve and the practical means to get there

Care Team – more and more schools are availing of this programme – it supports this group around its identity and purpose – to examine how best to use the capacities of its members – to set realistic goals and to outline an effective means to achieve them

Luke Monahan has been responsible for many publications in this area - the Tutor’s Companion being the most requested – a handbook for Tutor’s, Year Heads and Care Teams.

Dates and locations:

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Responding to the Seriously Challenging Student

In its work with schools, Curam is often asked to provide guidance and resources around the seriously challenging student. In response Curam has linked with a number of professionals in this area headed by Gerry McNevin who is a trained and experienced pyschotherapyst with a long and effective record of working with seriously disruptive students. In partnering with Curam, Gerry has developed a range of specific and practical resource driven services for school communities. His aim is to assist school personnel deepen their understanding of troubled students and to upskill teachers and care personnel in their approaches to such students. His 'toolbox' of tips, strategies and tactics will assist in a concrete way schools to engage more constructively with challenging students. His services include:

Briefings and consultations with Care Team Personnel and senior management

Staff presenation and faciltiation sessions on responding to challenging students

Briefings and presentation to parent groups

Contact Curam at for further information.

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In school Seminars and Training

Seminars for in-school training and professional development - tailored to your needs. The seminars range from Tutor Training, Year Head Training; Staff sessions on Effective Behaviour; Staff Welfare to name but a few - check out the pdf brochure for a full list of our programmes. In addition, we have expanded our Curam Associate Team and can now offer an even wider selection of themes to suit your specific professional development needs.

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Latest News

New Handbook for Year Heads now available

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